Back to School Lunch Ideas: Pasta, 3 ways

back to school lunch

{photo credit: Nancy Rokos}


i’ve seen so many back to school lunch ideas this year, but none of them take into consideration, a child’s lunch box sits at room temperature in a locker or in the back of a classroom for 4 hours +. This.. drives me crazy.

i’m always left at odds on what to pack my kids because I’m afraid of a food born illness creeping into their lunch. If you’ve ever had food poisoning from food that has not been properly stored, like I have (that darn cream puff), it’ll make you neurotic. You can pack foods in a thermos or place a cold pack in your children’s lunches to secure them but it’s just one more thing for them to bring home. Two years ago, I roasted a whole chicken and made several different lunch options, I still love that idea and use it often, they just need to remember to return the cold pack. This year I made it even easier for them. Pasta – 3 ways on this episode of Cook This! (Video Link).

one has a Marinara, the other Butter, Olive Oil & Garlic, and the third, Mac & Cheese. Nothing to worry about. It’s safe until lunch time (no cold pack or thermos needed) and super satisfying, especially if your kiddos play sports like mine. It’s an extra carb boost for Isabella’s field hockey game and Costas’ football practice.

{p.s. I don’t even like cream puffs. It was offered, so I ate it to be nice, not knowing it was stored outside on a warm day, Ugh! Beware of the cream puff at a picnic.}

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Easy Back to School Lunch Ideas:

Pasta 101: 3 ways

by shereen pavlides

Toss your favorite hot, cooked pasta (regular or wheat) with:

  1. Good extra virgin olive oil, unsalted butter and garlic powder for: Aglio e Olio.
  2. Warm homemade marinara sauce (recipe) or your favorite store bought brand for: Pasta Marinara 
  3. Finely shredded cheddar cheese and a little unsalted butter for: Macaroni and Cheese.

Optional: Add diced roasted red peppers, fresh sautéed vegetables and/or freshly grated parmigiana reggiano to any three of these pasta dishes.

Prep ahead tip: Toss the pasta the night before in your favorite sauce. Refrigerate in a small throw away or re-useable plastic container.  Serves for lunch the next day at room temperature. P.S. Don’t forget to pack a plastic fork and napkin.

For warm pasta: Place heated prepared pasta in a thermos with a tight fitted lid. Depending on the thermos, most will stay very warm for many hours.

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